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"Among all the rigorous talent that has originated from both the mainstream and underground metal scene of Sweden over the last decade, Stockholm-based Deathember has always been noteworthy for their ambition to derive from the norm and offer somethingdifferent, exciting and groundbreaking. Bringing the modern death metal sound together with rock’n'roll groove, the band made a name for themselves with 2013’s debut album ”Going Postal” released on their own independent record label Violent Groove Music Group. From there on, the band toured Europe with Debauchery and Six Feet Under’s co-headliner tour, played the same Euroblast festival as Monuments and Meshuggah and even made two headlining tours in Russia and India, the latter which had the band play for over 3.000 people.

In the light of these recent conquerings, 2014 saw a lot of changes within the band. Bassist Pontus Wicklander and vocalist Simon Tarasewicz left the band, who shortly afterwards got replaced by new vocalist Johan Skogh, and had guitarist Rikard Bonander distribute the bass duties. In July of 2014, the band released pre-production song ”To Flames”, which featured an even more raw, intense and groovy direction for the band’s music, as well as serving as the lead star for Deathember’s future."

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